Questions to ask your Plastic Surgeon before surgery

What Should You Ask in a Plastic Surgery Consultation? Prior to receiving any cosmetic surgery you will have a consultation with your surgeon. During this time your requirements and what you are expecting to achieve will be discussed.

This is an opportunity for your surgeon to assess your suitability for treatment, however it is also an opportunity for you to have any of your own questions answered.

Here are some good questions to start off with:

1. What results can I expect?

It is easy to tell a surgeon the desired look or change that you are hoping to achieve, and indeed this will be discussed. However what you must also be aware of are the likely outcomes, as well as the desired ones. Your unique physiology may make a difference, for example.

2. Are you qualified?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your surgeon what their qualifications are, you are paying for their service and are putting your appearance in to their hands.

3. What is the expected recovery time?

This will vary according to what procedure you are having so make sure you are able to book the required time period off work and if you will need to have people around you to support you during the healing process.

4. How much will it cost?

A rather crucial question so make sure that you ask! If a certain amount has been discussed make sure that it covers all aspects of your operation and hospital visit and that there won’t be unexpected fees at the end of it.

5. What will happen if something goes wrong?

It’s very rare that a professionally qualified plastic surgeon will make mistakes or produce results that are significantly different from what was discussed at the outset, however mistakes can happen. Make sure that you know the procedure if you are unhappy with the results, for example if they will offer more surgery to correct it.

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