Read Real Testimonials about Aurora Clinics PIP Implants Support

Look what others are saying about PIP Implant Removal & Replacement at Aurora Clinics!

You’ve seen our many PIP implants videos; you’ve read our PIP blogs; maybe you’ve already even been for your PIP Implants initial consultation? But if you are considering implant removal and replacement (especially of such highly controversial and anxiety-causing implants as PIPs) you probably don’t just want to hear from us that Aurora Clinics are experts in this field?

So Aurora have collated a selection of our recent Reviews sent to us via email, on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and comments on our Blog. These testimonials are by patients considering PIP implant removal and replacement, those who have already had it at Aurora Clinics and some other industry experts who value our services! We hope it’s helpful 🙂

  • “I’’d like to give my thanks to Aurora Clinics for helping so many of us and for caring when we’’ve been left high and dry by both the clinics responsible and by the government. I very much look forward to my consultation appointment with yourselves and am making the trip from Swansea because we think it’’s worth it to go with a company you feel you can trust after having been through all this.”” – Kate T
  • “Thank you for clarifying the situation regarding PIP implants. Your customer care and follow up is second to none” – Susan P
  • “The entire team were amazing… – the quality of care is fantastic. I doubt you’’d get better anywhere else”” – Cherry J
  • “I feel much safer …and I’’m actually happier with these results.”” – Abbie W
  • “That’’s what we’ve come to expect from Aurora Clinics – always there 2 help – good on you!”” – Good Surgeon Guide
  • “love the new ones Mr Richards has done for me, perfect :)” -” – Leanne P (Implant Replacement, not PIP)
  • “Having used Aurora Clinics and fortunate to have Mr Richards as my surgeon it is very reassuring to know that I made an informed choice based on the quality of information, consultation and service and not price.” -” – Louise B
  • “I’m hoping to have PIP replacement surgery with Aurora very soon (I’ve booked my consultation) so was just browsing the site and the more you read on there and more videos you watch the more your respect for the company grows.”” – – Kate T
  • “Is it Mr Richards you’re seeing? …You’’re in very safe hands” -” –Cherry J
  • “Fantastic stuff –- women with PIP implants need much more support than they are getting from the Powers Above” -” – Kevin Timms (Garden House Solicitors)

If you are considering PIP implant removal and replacement surgery and would like more information about Aurora Clinics’ support / our cost-price offer, please contact us on 01324 578290 or to book a free consultation