Should plastic surgical procedures be carried out in a Lamina air flow theatre?

In my opinion, yes it is the first thing I make sure is turned on in the operating theatre every morning before my operating list.

Lamina air flow theatres are the latest type of theatre in which clean air is circulated in the theatre. The clean air is brought down through a hood in the ceiling and ejected through gaps in the doors and ventilation holes in the walls of the theatre.

The air in the theatre is changed approximately every 30 seconds, which significantly reduces the risk of any bacterial contamination of the wound.

In my opinion this significantly reduces the risk of infection following surgery. Most major orthopaedic procedures such as hip replacement are performed in Lamina air flow theatres and in my opinion this is essential for plastic surgical procedures as well, particularly when implants are being used.

In my surgical practice of over 400 patients per year I have not had significant infection following surgery for the past eight years and I attribute this in part to using a Lamina air flow theatre at all times.

For any surgeon considering performing significant plastic surgical procedures I think it’s crucially important to perform the operations in a Lamina air flow theatre.

For any patient considering surgery I think it’s very important to ask your surgeon if he does perform surgery in a Lamina air flow theatre and if not ask for a detailed breakdown of his infection rate following surgery in the last eight years.

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