Should you apply sunblock every day?

Should you apply sunblock every day? Adrian Richards shares his thoughts…

The answer to this is yes! Even in cold, wet countries, such as the United Kingdom, you are getting daily damage to your skin from ultraviolet light.

The recommendation is therefore that you apply sunblock which is often included in a moisturiser every morning. This sunblock should be at least a sun protection factor of 25 for adults and over 40 for children. These moisturisers with sunblock are not the thick oily types that we’re that were around previously and are very light.

The best way of keeping yourself looking young is to prevent skin damage and the best way of doing this is with daily application of sunblock from a young age. In fact, you should be encouraging your children to apply sunblock routinely as part of their daily routine.

And don’t forget to protect your eyes from sun at the same time as your skin!

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