South Korea now a Plastic Surgery tourism hotspot for Chinese

Plastic surgeryDuring China’’s recent 8-day break for their Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day break, it seemed they upped in large numbers and headed to nearby South Korea to make the most of cheaper plastic surgery prices.

It’’s estimated that around 100,000 Chinese went there, spending over £10 million in total, a sizeable chunk of which is believed to have been spent on cosmetic procedures. The most popular procedures amongst the Chinese are eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast enhancements.

The reason for this is down to cost – the cost to fly to South Korea combined with their plastic surgery prices often works out cheaper than doing it at home in China.

China has seen an upsurge of popularity in cosmetic surgery in recent years, however they are yet to become as hooked as their South Korean neighbours who, per capita, are currently the biggest consumers of it in the world.

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