The ‘Facebook Facelift’

We recently reported on the rise of chin augmentation operations due to the increased use of online communication via Skype and the unflattering effects of the webcam.

It seems webcams and Skype are not the only technological advances leading to dissatisfaction with our looks, however, as it seems that Facebook too is now a culprit for increased plastic surgery.

Whilst cameras have been in existence for some time, photographs, until now, always remained in the private sphere.

What’’s more, photos that were taken without your knowledge or with little memory of having been taken were often never even seen. So you were usually left with a limited collection of photographs taken with well-tested poses and angles that you knew to be flattering.

With Facebook however multiple photographs are taken and immediately uploaded, with the subjects tagged in them. The result of which is people seeing themselves in a different light, unflattering angles or simply seeing themselves without their well-known pose.

Even when looking in the mirror we are presenting a version of ourselves, but now with the vast number of unauthorised images of ourselves online it can sometimes be a shock to see the ‘real’ self.

As a result people are asking for more surgery to remove fat, double chins or a crooked nose; a 5% rise in plastic surgery overall that The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is attributing to Facebook.

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