The future of anti-ageing Cosmetic Surgery – odour adjustment?

A recent study in America has found that, no matter how much your looks defy the ageing process, there’s one thing about you that will always give your age away – your smell.

In a study featured in online journal “Public Library of Science ONE”, a group of 41 intrepid volunteers were asked by scientists to sniff armpit odour samples collected from people in three age groups: 20-30 (‘young’), 45-55 (‘middle aged’) and 75-95 (‘elderly’).

They were asked to determine which scent came from which age group, and to rate the intensity and pleasantness of each of the samples.

Researchers found that the volunteers were indeed able to discriminate between the three age ranges. And not only that, but there was great news for people in the oldest age group – the scent from this group was judged to be less intense and unpleasant than both of the others.

So, while our looks may fade with age, at least we can take comfort from the fact that our smell does too…

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