The rise in so-called ‘voice-lifts’ in men

Males seek both surgical and non-surgical enhancementAs men become the fastest-growing demographic for plastic surgery they appear to have hailed a rise in vocal chord surgery, designed to take the reediness out of an ageing voice and restore it to its original fullness.

Like many parts of the body the vocal chords age over time and phonosurgeons, those who work on the ear, nose and throat, have reportedly seen a rise in the number of surgeries performed to restore the chords.

Traditionally this type of surgery has been performed on singers, such as Adele, or those needing it for other medical reasons. It seems now however that businessmen wish to take advantage of the medical knowledge and use it to increase their social standing or authority.

Thick vocal chords are more likely to produce a fuller sound and allow the voice to carry and reverberate, which they may feel is a more impressive sound in the boardroom.

The surgery works by plumping out the thinning vocal chords, usually with fat taken from the stomach. Sometimes dermal fillers or collagen may be used, however these may dissipate over time and so stomach fat is generally agreed to be the most effective filling agent.

The operation is not simply the preserve of men however; vocal chord surgery can help restore a woman’’s high voice and replace any raspiness with a fuller and more pleasing sound.

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