What Plastic Surgery trends are we likely to see in 2014?

Plastic surgery patientThere are certain procedures that will always remain popular and that don’’t see signs of abating any time soon – surgeries such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job) and tummy tucks.

Certain procedures become ‘en vogue’ however, sometimes sticking around for a long time, other times leaving as quickly as they have arrived. So what do we envisage being ‘of-the-moment’ in the year to come?

1. Labiaplasty

Already increasingly common, this is one type of surgery which looks set to become even more requested in 2014. Whether a result of more internet porn, greater female genital grooming or an increased awareness of the surgery itself, there is no denying that women are seeking this in far higher numbers than they were even a few years ago.

It’’s a procedure that can be extremely beneficial to women who have been through difficult labours and who feel significantly less sexual satisfaction as a result.

For others they may have uncommonly large labia in which case they can feel considerable embarrassment sexually. There has understandably been a bit of a furore over younger women requesting labiaplasty surgery in order to achieve a believed vaginal ‘norm’, however these numbers are far lower than may be perceived.

2. Brachioplasty

Also known as the ‘arm lift‘, this surgery refers to the reduction of ‘bingo wings’ and works by removing excess fat and skin from the upper arm area in order to give a more pleasing appearance.

Many people, usually women and particularly when they age, suffer from excess skin and fat in this area and find it hard to get rid of through diet and exercise alone.

3. Chin implants

This procedure has been available for some time but perhaps due to an increased awareness of celebrities undergoing it (and the famous revelation that Marilyn Monroe did), more and more people are looking to having it done.

A pleasing profile and proportionate facial dimensions are proving to be high on the agenda at the moment and looks set to become increasingly more so. For anyone who has a weak or receding chin they may be interested in such a procedure in order to balance the proportions of their face.

4. Male surgery

As we reported last year, the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery amongst males look set to increase further this year.

Popular treatments include facelifts, brow lifts and Botox. Liposuction has also seen an increase amongst male patients, reflecting a more general trend perhaps towards an expectation that men, as well as women, ought to look their best for both their professional and their personal lives.

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