Who else is present when I have the operation?

Another set of unsung heroes in any operation are the theatre team. It’s essential that the surgeon and the scrub team have a very good understanding of what is involved in each operation.¬†Adrian Richards shares his thoughts…

I’ve worked with a scrub nurse for the past 8 years and she has unfortunately left work to have a baby 2 weeks ago. We replaced her here at Aurora Clinics with someone else with equal skill and experience.

The scrub nurse’s job is to make sure all instruments are available and sterile at the beginning of the operation. He or she is also responsible for counting the amount of needles and stitches used to make sure that none are left within the wound and also making sure that all the swabs are returned.

Without a good scrub nurse, good surgery is impossible and again any reputable surgeon with a high quality of work will work with an extremely good scrub nurse.

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