X Factor hopeful Rylan Clark talks Cosmetic Surgery

Last weekend Nicole Scherzinger controversially put Essex model-turned-singer Rylan Clark through to the live shows, despite his vocal ability being arguably less than that of some contestants who didn’’t make it through.

Since then he has received criticism but has fought back by keeping up his appearances in the media. These steps have included an interview where he admits that he’’s had so many cosmetic procedures that he doesn’’t know how much he has spent on improving his looks.

The desire seems to stem from an insecurity as he admits that: ““I wasn’t the good-looking kid at school, and I think if I still looked how I used to look, I wouldn’’t really get anywhere in life.””

He didn’’t make it clear exactly what he has already had done although he did admit that he would be quite keen to undergo body sculpting surgery in an effort to look more toned.

He is no stranger to reality TV either, as he previously appeared on Katie Price’’s show ‘’Signed by Katie Price’’, a show designed to find a model that she would manage.

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