Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies seeking new participants

Embarrassing Bodies Working in the medical field, we don’’t embarrass easily – nor do we feel that any issue a person has with their body should be considered embarrassing.

However, we do think sharing information that could help people is a great idea. And so it is that we’’ve recently been talking to producers from Channel 4’’s Embarrassing Bodies.

The programme, presented by Drs Christian Jessen, Dawn Harper and Pixie McKenna, is currently looking for suitable people to appear in the next series, and they have asked us to help.

The aim of the series is to highlight issues that are common but not openly discussed, and the producers are particularly interested in speaking to people who are seeking Grade 3 Inverted Nipple Correction (the most severe). Inverted Nipple

If you are considering Inverted Nipple Correction, and would be happy to work with Adrian Richards to educate others about the procedure on television (including receiving and sharing the results of your surgery), please get in touch.

You can drop an email to hazel.monteith@aurora-clinics.local with your name, age, location and contact number, and include a photograph for Adrian to assess, and we will be in touch. Thank you.