The Niplette suction device – does it work?

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Considering the Niplette suction device to treat inverted nipples? Aurora Surgeon Adrian Richards shares his thoughts on whether it works…

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards
Adrian Richards

“The answer to this in most cases in my experience is no. Many people I see with Grade 2 or 3 inverted nipples have tried the Niplette suction device and have not found this successful. Many of them have found it traumatises the skin and makes the area surrounding the nipples soft.

Maybe this is because I am seeing patients who are coming forward to surgery and the patient who the Niplette works successfully on are not coming to see me because they do not require surgery. And therefore I’m not certain whether the Niplette is working successfully on a large number of people who I do not see.

If you have got Grade 1 or 2  inverted nipples I think it’s sensible to try the Niplette suction device but if it does not work and you don’t tolerate it well I would recommend that you consider surgery to permanently correct your nipple inversion.”

Inverted Nipple Surgery at The Private Clinic

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