Why Aurora Clinics for Inverted Nipples Correction?

Did you know that not all Surgeons use the same techniques for Inverted Nipple Correction?

At Aurora Clinics, inverted nipple correction is one of our real specialities – in fact, our Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards pioneered his own unique nipple correction technique which involves a very small incision at the base of the nipple which when healed is generally barely noticeable!

Because of the decreased amount of external scarring involved with Aurora Clinics’ inverted nipple correction technique, we have become one of the leading UK providers of this procedure. Our technique has many advantages. These include:

  • Very little, if any, external scarring.
  • It can be performed under local anaesthetic with you awake.
  • It is relatively quick to perform taking approximately 30 minutes for both sides.
  • There is a quick recovery period.
  • And a very low rate of recurrence of the inverted nipples.

However, all inverted nipple correction surgery does have a downside. Following surgery you will probably not be able to breastfeed as the milk ducts will have been divided and therefore milk cannot pass between the breast glands, which produce the milk, to the nipple itself.

Although inverted nipples are relatively quick to correct, with a short recovery period, this is still a complex procedure and there are many different techniques for performing inverted nipple correction surgery.

Most involve incisions in the nipple, but these can be in a variety of places such as: under the side of the areola (the brown area around the nipple) and through the nipple. Some surgeons also remove tissue from the brown area within the areola and transplant this to under the nipple to provide extra support for the nipple.

Other techniques involve inserting materials underneath the nipple which can range from ear cartilage to synthetic materials such as silicone.

Some surgeons feel that it is possible to stretch the milk duct which tethers the nipple inwards to correct the inverted nipples, whereas others feel that for grade 2 and 3 inverted nipples the best solution is to divide the milk ducts, with the implication that you will not be able to breastfeed following this because there is no communication between the milk and glands, which produce the milk and the nipple itself, as the ducts have been divided and ends lie apart.

At Aurora Clinics, we feel that for grade 2 and 3 inverted nipples (which are caused by a tight constriction in the milk ducts underneath the nipple) that it is best to divide the milk ducts. Although non-surgical stretching techniques can be used for inverted nipples, we have found that these often result in a high rate of recurrence of the inverted nipples following surgery.

If you do have an inverted nipple and are considering correction of these, we feel it would be valuable to listen to our free inverted nipple correction information CD discussing the various types of surgery, pros and cons of each, recovery period, likely results and possible complications that can occur following the operation.

We feel it is important to understand fully the different varieties of treatment which are available to help you make an informed decision as to the most appropriate treatment for you.

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