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At Aurora Clinics our motivation has always been to deliver the best quality care for our patients, and we pride ourselves on our expertise and aftercare. We have a team of specialist breast implant replacement surgeons, every surgeon undergoes a regular compulsory audit and is a member of at least one of the highest professional bodies in the UK, including BAPRAS and BAAPS.

We hope our website will provide you with information and advice to assist you in your decision making process on breast implant replacement surgery. You can view our regularly updated  gallery of before and after photographs, see what our patients are saying and watch informational videos on our video channel.

Read on to find out how Katie found her breast implant replacement journey at Aurora Clinics.

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Breast Implant Replacement AmbassadorAfter having 2 breast enlargements at other clinics, and going through pregnancy and weight gain, Katie felt her breasts were too big for her frame. After researching various surgeons she decided to visit Mr William Van Niekerk for her second replacement procedure to reduce the size of her implants. Read on to find out more about Katie’s surgical journey with the team at Aurora Clinics.

Why did you decide to have your implants exchanged?

I had my original breast augmentation in 2005 because I wanted to make myself feel better about they way I looked and how I felt about myself. Unfortunately I later found out these implants were PIP. I therefore underwent a replacement surgery in 2012 where I also increased my breast size from a D to an F. After fertility treatment, pregnancy and weight gain I began to feel they were too big for me and I hated them. I wanted to feel good about my body again so I decided to have my implants exchanged for the second time at Aurora Clinics. This time I went back down to a  D cup.

“My experience with Aurora has been 5* from start to finish.”

How has it changed your life?

My life has completely changed. I no longer have back pain, I have more freedom when it comes to fashion and I no longer feel self conscious.  I really feel it was the right decision and have no regrets.

What would you say to someone in your shoes thinking about exchanging their implants?

I would say if you’re thinking of exchanging your implants to go smaller then go for it! It has completely changed my life!  Do your research and choose the right clinic and surgeon for you, you have to feel completely comfortable in your decision.

How would you sum up your surgical experience at Aurora Clinics?

My experience with Aurora has been 5* from start to finish. I can’t think Mr Van Niekerk and his team enough.


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