What is the difference between different Liposuction techniques?

The main types of Liposuction available currently are VASER Liposuction, Smart Lipo, power assisted Liposuction, and water assisted Liposuction.

In each of these techniques the fatty tissue is removed by suction through hollow tubes (cannulas). The difference is in how the fatty tissue is treated prior to it being sucked out.

In VASER Liposuction an ultrasound cannula is used to help liquefy the fatty tissue. Whereas in power assisted and water assisted Liposuction, energy is used to dissolve the fatty tissue and make it easier to remove by suction.

The important thing to remember is that whichever technique is used, the most crucial thing is the surgeon performing the operation. As with any skill, such as building or DIY, it’s not the tool that’s most important, it’s the person operating it!

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