What are the differences between the thicknesses of hyaluronic dermal fillers?

All the major companies which produce dermal fillers produce a range of products of varying thicknesses.

Generally, the thicker substances are used for deeper, more established lines where as the lighter dermal fillers are used for finer, more superficial lines on the face.

The thicker dermal fillers are firmer and offer more support to these areas but can cause lumpiness if they are used for very fine lines or if they are placed very close to the skin.

Your practitioner will assess each of the areas on your face and advise you as to the best type of dermal filler to use in each of these areas. As a general rule, it’s worthwhile having a discussion with your practitioner about which range of dermal fillers they prefer to use and within this range, what grade or thickness of dermal filler they can use on the different areas.

Overall, dermal fillers are extremely effective in storing volume to the lips and the lines around the mouth and also to other areas of your face. Experienced practitioners achieve excellent results with these treatments which give a natural rejuvenation to the face area.

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