Belt Lipectomy (Body Lift Surgery) Patient Testimonial

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This video is a testimonial of a patient who had a belt lipectomy, which has elements of a body lift surgery in it. She’d had a tummy tuck in another clinic and was dreadfully unhappy with her scar, so after some consultations at Aurora Clinics, Mr. Govilkar advised she have a belt lipectomy, which is basically an abdominoplasty and buttock lift.

Her original abdominoplasty was in November 2011 and the revision surgery here at Aurora in October 2012 which is around 3 months before this testimonial video.

She tells us about the experience the morning after the surgery, where she was positive about the lack of pain she was in. She expected a lot more due to the magnitude of the procedure she had, and was even up and mobile on the Saturday morning when her surgery was Friday afternoon. Again she was ready for a lot of pain when having the drains removed, as she remembered at the other clinic it was very uncomfortable for her but this time it was practically painless. It really hit home at this point how much better Aurora were, and how much she felt cared for post operatively.

Our patient decided she needed surgery originally because she had lost 6 and a half stone and had a lot of excess loose skin. She felt the surgery would give her more confidence, but it actually set her back as her scar was so hideous. She states that after the surgery with Mr. Govilkar she felt confident for the first time in 48 years.

She did plenty of research prior to her surgery too. She looked at multiple places throughout the UK, and also abroad, but then thought twice about going to a foreign country, as she felt at least in the UK nothing would go wrong. Sadly for her it did and she was left with a terrible scar.

She decided on Aurora Clinics based on a friends recommendation. After having a consultation with Mr. Richards, who gave her an opinion on her scar, she was referred to Mr. Govilkar who is better equipped to dealing with potential bodylift patients.