Bilateral Breast Enlargement Patient Testimonial

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This is a patient testimonial video from a woman who came for a breast enlargement towards the back end of 2012. She felt great about her surgery, results, the aftercare she received and overall the whole journey, so she was very happy to give a video testimonial. This video testimonial was taken at her 6 week follow up post surgery.

Before her surgery she did plenty of research, but she had friends who had been to Aurora Clinics and had breast enlargement surgeries themselves with Mr Richards, so she had them to go to for advice, and they both spoke very highly of Aurora, so she felt comfortable in coming here for surgery.

Throughout her whole journey, she said she has been treated excellently, by everyone, and felt very comfortable in each stage. She was a bit apprehensive about the pain afterwards, but she said the anticipation and build up was worse than the actual reality of the pain. She said it wasn’t even like pain, more discomfort rather than pain.

She wasn’t actually nervous prior to surgery at all, basically because of how excited she was about getting it done. She had been wanting a breast augmentation for years, seven to be precise, and only being 22 at the time of this video meant she had been wanting it performed since the tender age of fifteen.

Based on the way she was treated, and the results she got, our patient has informed us she will definitely be recommending Aurora Clinics to her friends and family, family more so as her mother is interested in surgery.

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