Breast Enlargement and Tummy Tuck surgery – Patient Testimonial

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Our patient in this video came to Aurora Clinics for a Breast Enlargement and a Tummy Tuck. At the time of this video, she was at her 6 week post operation follow up appointment. We asked her for a video testimonial, which initially she wasn’t too keen as she gets very nervous in front of a camera, but she agreed as she wanted to tell future patients of her experience, and the ups and downs she felt along the way.
We quickly establish during the video that she is at her 6 week check up. She informs us she felt pretty much back to normal after 6 days, although she did still feel slight discomfort, it did not impede her life at all after the first week. When asked about the actual pain during the surgery and immediately after during her recovery she was dismissive of the actual word “pain”. She said it wasn’t painful, and preferred the term uncomfortable, as she felt well enough to go about her usual tasks, which include looking after a young child.
When asked about how she felt prior to the surgery we learn she actually nearly cancelled her procedure, because she was scared and nervous about the pain. When we continued talking off camera she said how happy she was that she didn’t cancel it, as the pain she expected was literally non existant, and she felt the thought of surgery seemed more daunting and painful than it eventually turned out to be.
She thought the staff were great and felt she was looked after excellently from start to finish. The surgery has given her a lot more confidence, as she had lost a lot of weight very quickly which had left her with a lot of excess skin.
Finally she stated she would definitely recommend Aurora, which was when I turned off the camera, and was greeted with a sigh of relief and laughter. We then talked and she said the only reason she did the testimonial is because of her initial nerves before the surgery regarding the pain, and she wanted to put those worries to bed for future patients who may be concerned with the same thing. She said if someone had said they had nearly cancelled their procedure, but then thought the pain was nothing and couldn’t believe they nearly didn’t go through with it, it would have put her mind more at ease, so she wanted to get that main piece of information on her video testimonial for patients in the future.

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