Breast Reduction – 5 hours post surgery

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This is another video from Kirstie, who came to Aurora for a bilateral breast reduction in 2013. She made her own videos before and after her surgery, as a video diary for others to view and draw confidence and inspiration from.

In this video, she is 5 hours post surgery, literally talking about how she feels, what she has done, and generally how she is being looked after. She doesn’t seem quite with it, which is perfectly understandable as she was under general anaesthetic just a short while ago.

This is a reasonably short video, which was probably made as a little reminder of how she felt post surgery. In the hours shortly after waking from a general anaesthetic, the pain won’t be present yet, as the local anaesthetic will still be present within the body, and also it is quite difficult to remember back to exactly how you felt. This video was made by our patient, of her own accord. She was already very happy at the prospect of having much smaller boobs, which was plain to see, despite still being groggy and not 100% with it because of the anaesthetic.

You can find Kirstie on youtube, with her channel being here. She is very forthcoming about information, and is answering all comments on the videos, so if you feel like you might want a breast reduction, and want to talk to someone who has experienced it themselves, visit her channel and leave a comment on the video.