Breast Reduction – The Day After Surgery

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Here we have another video from Kirstie, in her video diary on her breast reduction procedure. This time it is the day after her surgery, so she isn’t as groggy during this video as the anaesthetic will have worn off a lot more. She looks good, and happy during the video, talking about her breasts, and her day so far. Her breasts are a lot smaller, which you can tell she is thrilled by, but they are still quite big, but that is really because of the bruising and swelling, as they will go down more as she recovers.

She mentions it is a little sore and tender, but she feels great, and even went for a little walk as it was meant to be the hottest day of the year. She didn’t feel in too much pain being up and about, and is comfortable on just the paracetamol. She did have Codeine as well, but she says it made her feel sick, so she is going to stick with just paracetamol.

During a conversation with Aggie they discussed the pain she was in. It becomes clear that there is a burning pain in her armpit region, and this is because they did some liposuction on the flanks of the breasts to remove some fatty deposits that couldn’t be removed with the actual reduction surgery.