Patient Testimonial for ruptured PIP implants

This is a patient video testimonial after removal and replacement of PIP implants. Her previous clinic were less than helpful and avoided all responsibility, to our patients disgust. Her husband was here and we asked if he would like to be involved in the testimonial, as when we were setting up, they were very charismatic and worked beautifully as a duo.

They tell us their story, about what went on, and despite being concerned about her implants being ruptured, (which they were upon removal incidentally) couldn’t get help with getting a scan from her previous clinic. They were charged and told to look at the scan themselves or find an independent person who is qualified to take a look.

It is evident how unhappy they were at their previous clinic, but on the flip side it is also very clear how thrilled they were with Aurora.

The interview took on a very conversational role, and despite the subject matter, there were a few laughs and jokes thrown around. They were overjoyed with Aurora, and literally couldn’t believe how good and nice everyone was to them. They were expecting people to turn at some point from helpful to unhelpful, but that just isn’t the Aurora ethos.