PIP implant Patient Testimonial

Our patient today had been badly mistreated by her previous clinic. They avoided responsibility for her PIP implants and passed her on whenever she complained to another department until she had gone in a full circle and ended up no further along in her process.
She decided to come to Aurora for her PIP removal and replacement as a result of this shoddy behaviour from her previous clinic and was so happy with the service she received throughout the process this time around she was more than happy to do a video testimonial just hours after her procedure.
Due to how happy she felt with Aurora and how cared for she felt by everyone she met, this testimonial lasts over 10 minutes despite the fact I only had a few questions.
The care received by patients here at Aurora is something we pride ourselves on and the safety of each patient is always the most important part of the process.
PIP implants are still out there and in many women, estimated to be in the region of 40,000, but it could very well be higher. We continue to put out our videos in a hope to get the message out there and give help to the women who need it.
If you are unsure whether you have PIP implants we advise you consult your previous clinic or failing that you can check the hospital records from where you had the surgery. A scan cannot tell the branding of a breast implant, but it can tell if they are ruptured so if you are unable to find out if you have them then have a scan as if it shows signs of rupture we can guess pretty accurately that it will be PIP implants you have.
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