Repair of Split Earlobes and Interview with Patient

Aurora’s patient is looking to have her split earlobes repaired, and prior to her surgery, done under local anaesthetic by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards, she talks to the camera to explain how she got her earlobes split and why she chose to have the split earlobes corrected in a brief interview at Aurora Clinics in Aylesbury.
During this minor surgical procedure, she is constantly giving feedback to her nurse and plastic surgeon about the pain degree, and her general perception of the procedure while having her split earlobes repaired.
Our patient found out about the possibility of having her split earlobe repair by browsing the internet, and by watching our Youtube videos on Split earlobe correction procedure. This is why we encourage our patients to talk about their experience and allow us to be completely transparent about our high standards of plastic surgery and quality services and aftercare we offer to our patients from start to finish.
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