Paying more than lip service to new treatment

Permanent lip enhancement has recently been introduced to the UK.

Adrian Richards, of Aurora Clinics, has introduced Permalip™, a revolutionary silicone lip implant which mimics the contours of the lip and provides a natural-looking alternative to temporary lip fillers, which need constant top-ups.

Mr Richards explains:

“The arrival of Permalip™ in Berkshire is great news as it provides a viable and cost-effective alternative to fillers, which have to be topped up every four to six months and treatments can be painful.”

Permalip™ is a soft implant which gives very natural results. The procedure takes just 15 minutes under local anaesthetic and the implant is passed through a small incision in the lip which is sealed with a dissolvable suture.

The patient can be up and around resuming normal activities within a couple of hours, with variable swelling for around a week or so following the procedure.”

Permalip™ is a patented, CE marked device designed exclusively for lip enhancement. It is manufactured by SurgiSil and comes in a variety of sizes. Implants cannot deflate or rupture and can be easily reversed if a patient wants to have it resized or removed entirely.

The surface of the implant is non-porous, which minimises the chance of tissue adherence or in growth from surrounding lip tissue.

The procedure is still very new to the UK, but has been used in the United States where it has undergone extensive clinical tests. The cost is around £2,500, which, if a patient is having temporary lip fillers injected regularly at around £300, can be a cost-effective and convenient solution in the long term.”

Please note: Aurora Clinics no longer offer Permalip. Please visit our Skin Clinics website for more details on Lip Fillers.

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