Permalip Implants procedure

Interested in Permanent Lip Enhancement? Watch our video of the procedure being performed below.

Hello, my name’’s Adrian Richards. I’’m a Plastic Surgeon and the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics based here in the United Kingdom.

Today I’’m going to be showing you a procedure in which I insert a Permalip implant into a patient’’s upper lip. This is a permanent silicone implant which I’’ll show you.

So here I am above, this patient’ is actually having a face lift procedure at the same time. I measure the upper lip and then I just mark exactly where I’’m going to make little incisions in the corner of the lip here.

The next stage is really just to mark the line where I want the Permalip implant to sit under, before using some local anaesthetic to numb the area.

This lady’ has had a general anaesthetic but 90% of the cases I do of Permalip are under local anaesthetic with the patient awake. It was just this patient was having another procedure so elected to have the Permalip inserted during this procedure.

I made a tiny little incision in the corner of the mouth, then the next stage is just to gently make a little tunnel in the lip to pass the Permalip implant through.

The lady elected for the medium size one and you can see in the video, I just gently pull it through into the upper lip. The technique is just to pull it through the tunnel I’’ve made. Then I just centralise it, just make sure it’s absolutely lying in the centre. It’s very important for the patient to massage this area, just to make sure that it’s centred in the first few days following surgery.

The next stage is then to put some very small absorbable stitches in the corner of the mouth. These don’’t need to be removed, they fall out on their own.

Straight after the operation, it’’s very important to apply ice packs to the lips to limit any swelling. You’’re normally swollen for about a week, with no permanent sensation changes.

The lips function normally, they’’re just swollen for a week or so.

In the video you can see some results. This lady’’s had upper and lower Permalip implants and it gives you a much younger, more youthful looking, fuller lip.

So it’’s really quite a straightforward procedure and works very well. If you’’d like any information about Permalip or any other form of plastic or cosmetic surgery, please contact us at any time on 01324 578290 or email mailto:info@aurora-clinics.local. Thank you very much for watching the video, I hope you’’ve enjoyed it.

Please note: Aurora Clinics no longer offer Permalip. Please visit our Skin Clinics website for more information on Lip Fillers.

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