Iranians electing for nose jobs in high numbers

Iran is becoming a hotspot for rhinoplasty surgery with Iranians opting for nose jobs in ever greater numbers, rivalling plastic surgery hotspots such as South Korea and Brazil for proportionate numbers of the population opting for surgery.

Indeed, per capita, seven times as many Iranians as Americans have nose jobs each year.

It’’s believed to be so popular because it’s become a trend – to have a nose job is seen as a status symbol. This differs from some cultural views (for example in the West) that plastic surgery is something to be done subtly and behind closed doors, rather than to brag and be open about.

It could also be due to a Westernised look becoming more popular, and therefore Caucasian physical attributes being sought after.

It seems that Iranians abroad are also subject to this trend, with one New York plastic surgeon revealing that around 25% of his rhinoplasty surgeries are Iranian-Americans.

One problem with this sudden surge in popularity in Iran is the number of medical professionals who are qualified to perform such operations keeping up with demand.

As a result of demand outstripping supply, a black market has emerged with unqualified practitioners performing the operation. It’’s believed that around 7,000 professionals offer the service, however there are only 157 registered clinics that are licenced to carry out the procedure.

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