Areola Reduction – How small can you have the areola?

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In this episode of our Areola Reduction FAQ series we discuss how small you can have your areola.
The average size of an areola is around 4.5cm in diameter, which is really what we aim for during surgery. However this can depend on your breast size and shape, so sometimes slightly bigger may be more appropriate, or alternatively it may be more suitable for you to go even smaller. The areola itself cannot be made bigger, so when you decide on your final size, you really don’t want to go too small as it is not able to be reversed as a procedure. You could have medical grade tattooing, which blends your scar in with the natural shade of your areola, so if it was too small, then this is a corrective option for you. We find quite a few patients are interested in the medical grade tattooing anyway as it is a brilliant disguise for your scar, making it almost invisible to the naked eye.
In summary, it is entirely up to you how small you go, although during your consultation you will converse with an expert plastic surgeon who can advise you on the size they believe will match your frame. You obviously don’t have to listen to this advice, but we think the surgeons at Aurora Clinics have a very good eye, and can see what the best results will be for the patient.