Areola Reduction – What scarring should I expect following surgery?

In this latest video of our Areola Reduction FAQ series we discuss the scarring you should expect post surgery. Scarring is something that everyone is concerned with and is a focal point for most patients when coming in to discuss surgery.

With an areola reduction, the scarring is actually quite minimal. You will have something call a peri-areola scar, which basically means that you will have a scar around the perimeter of the areola. It is quite a discreet scar, especially as it heals and fades into a white line. A lot of patients choose to have this variant of incision for a breast augmentation, which we here at Aurora call the OCEAN™ technique. This is a great option because of the minimal scarring. A step further you can go is to have medical grade tattooing once you have completely healed. The tattooing will be the shade of your nipple, and go over the top of the scar, blending it in even further.