Areola Reduction – When can I drive again after surgery?

In this video, part of our Areola Reduction FAQ series, Mr Richards talks to us about when you can resume driving following surgery.
With an areola reduction procedure, there are factors to consider before returning to driving. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic usually. We don’t think you are fit to drive away from the surgery yourself, so we advise you bring a friend or relative to drive you home as you will still be feeling the anaesthetic for a few hours after the surgery. The sensitive area will be your nipple region, so with the seatbelt passing through the centre of your chest, avoiding it, so this won’t be a cause for concern for you. It usually takes at least a week for you to feel fit enough to drive, as during this first week we feel you will have some restricted movement, and it is important to take it easy in the first few days after surgery. We feel that after your first follow up appointment will be a good time to think about driving again, as we will be able to accurately assess the recovery process and how fast or slow you are recovering.