Areola Reduction – When can I resume regular physical activity after surgery?

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Mr Adrian Richards is bringing you another FAQ video response in our Areola Reduction series, this question is all about the resumption of exercise and physical activity post surgery.
Firstly, it is important to note that everyone heals differently. Some people heal very fast, and their scars come on leaps and bounds in a very short space of time whereas some people take a lot longer to heal, and have bruising and swelling for considerably longer than the average.
We believe you should keep moving, and keep your blood circulating, but do nothing strenuous that raises your blood pressure too high, certainly not in the first few days. Raising your blood pressure too high too soon can lead to increased swelling and bruising around the areola, elongating your recovery period. After around a week, you can move to slightly more difficult tasks, but it is important to gauge how you are feeling, and if anything hurts a lot, feels very sore to do, then stop doing it immediately. As you recover, you will find you can do a little more as each day passes, and roughly around the 4 week point you should be back to full health, or very close to. When going back to the gym for your regular workouts you should start off lightly, and increase how much strain you put your body under each time. We feel that everyone should be back to their regular everyday routines after 6 weeks.
Please note this is only a rough guide, and should you have any questions you can contact our surgeons and nursing staff for advice at anytime. Also if something is worrying you with your recovery, and you feel it is not going as planned, then come back for a follow up consultation. You will have a follow up offered to you, which will be around the 4 week mark, which our surgeons will clearly be able to inform you on how you are progressing, as well as how long it will be before you are fully healed.