Breast Asymmetry Pre-Surgery Markings

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In this video, Mr. Richards talks through the markings on this patient who has severe breast asymmetry. He begins by telling us the importance of marking the midline. Secondly we are told that making the markings whilst the patient is stood up is also very important because when they are lying down on the operating table, things move, and markings don’t quite look the same.

From this still, we can quite clearly see that our patient has a much bigger left breast, which also has a bigger areola, and a lower nipple position.

The measurement between the nipple on the right, and the sternal notch (which is the central point of your collarbone) is 21cm. This should also be the distance between the two nipples, so creating an equilateral triangle.

The areola on her right breast is roughly 4cm, but the one on her left is much bigger, oval shaped and vertically it is very long. He marks the new areola shape and size, based on the right one.

The right breast has a constriction in the fold, so this will be released during the surgery, and of course, the implant in the right breast will be considerably bigger than the one going in the left. The lift on the left will also help tighten the lower breast, making it match the right side more evenly.