Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is basically non symmetrical breasts, usually with one being larger than the other. With different sizes it can lead to a very unbalanced look of the breasts, as one will naturally sag more. Most women have asymmetry in their breasts, but it is usually small enough for it not to cause a problem, or even be noticeable. It is not considered serious, unless it has happened very suddenly. A possible reason for breast asymmetry is a condition called “Poland’s Syndrome”. Poland’s syndrome is thought to be caused by an insufficient blood supply to the breast area when you were a baby.
Statistically it is more common on the right hand side, and it is also more common amongst males, although it is more noticeable in women due to their increased breast size.
During your consultation there will be many factors to consider. If you prefer the size of the smaller breast, then a reduction and an uplift may be the best way forward, but if you prefer the larger breast then an implant and an uplift may be right for you. This could involve surgery on just the one breast, but you can have surgery on both. If you want implants in both, the surgeon will judge your breasts and put two different sized implants in.
Of course the recovery period will be based on what procedure you actually opt for and this will all be made clear during your consultation.