Breast Enlargement With Uplift (Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy)

A breast enlargement and a mastopexy is ideally suited to women who have lost volume in the breasts. This can usually be pinpointed to pregnancy or the loss of considerable weight. An enlargement makes the breast bigger with the use of an implant and the mastopexy tightens the bust, and moves the nipples to a symmetrical central location on the breasts.
A consultation will be required with your surgeon, where they will assess your shape and build, and suggest possible sizes of implant that would suit you. Also a sizing appointment is advised and you can try different sizes and makes of implant, wearing your own clothes which should give you an idea of how you will look post surgery. During the consultations you can discuss whether to have the implants in front or behind the muscle, along with the type of mastopexy that is most suitable. Depending on the excess skin, different variations of the procedure may be needed, which can lead to more or less scarring, so be sure to discuss the scarring during your consultation.
Recovery should take between 6-8 weeks to be back to full fitness and a support bra is advised to be worn during this time.