Brow Lift (Brow and Eye Lift Surgery)

A brow lift is under the knife surgery used to elevate the eyebrows. The muscles the lie underneath can be trimmed to reduce the frown lines. This can help alleviate headaches due to overactive muscle contraction in the frown lines. It doesn’t help baggy lower eyelids or crow’s feet lines. For information regarding these treatments refer to eyelid correction surgery.
You have two options when choosing an eye brow lift. The techniques used are called coronal eye brow lift and endoscopic eye brow lift. The coronal technique uses a cut from your ear, up to the top of your scalp, across and then down to your other ear. The underlying tissue is then removed and altered to create a smooth appearance. The skin is then elevated which raises the position of your eyebrows. The surgeon will then be able to see your frown muscles and reduce them as appropriate. Your eyebrows will lie in an elevated position which results in a more youthful and fresher looking appearance.
The endoscopic eye brow lift your surgeon will use an endoscope to see and treat your frown muscles. An endoscope is a small camera which is inserted beneath the skin and it provides images for the surgeon to view on a screen. This results in smaller incisions to your scalp and they are virtually unnoticeable. Because of the smaller incisions and less scarring, your recovery time will reflect this and therefore be shorter.
Post surgery you can resume regular activities within 1-2 weeks but swelling may remain up to around 8 weeks.