Ear Pinning (Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty)

The procedure of ear pinning can also be refferred to as Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty.
Prominent ears is an issue amongst many children and adults, leaving them self conscious about the way they look. Some people with long hair purposefully always wear their hair down to hide the fact their ears stick out. The surgery can be performed on one, or both ears, and can be doubled up with an earlobe reduction procedure. You can also have the surgery under local anaesthetic, or general should you wish to. The surgery does not make the ears smaller, nor does it improve your hearing.
The procedure usually takes between one and two hours, and it is unusual for you to need to have an overnight hospital stay. During the surgery the surgeon makes a cut in the back of the ear(s) then either trims, sculpts or folds the cartilage. Fine stitches are used if needed to hold the ears in this position, and then the incisions are stitched up and bandaged to hold the ears in their new position.
The bandages can be removed after around three days, but a support dressing or headband will need to be worn for approximately two weeks. After this you will be fit to resume normal activities although it is advised to avoid anything which may cause your ears to bend for at least 6 weeks following surgery.