Implant Removal and Replacement

Implant removal and replacement is a procedure that is fairly common, but became increasingly common in the light of the PIP scandal. Thousands and thousands of below industry standard breast implants were inserted into women during its years of operation.
Currently, with all the ruptures we advise that anyone with PIP implants should at the very least get a scan, but seriously consider getting them removed, regardless of whether they are still in tact.
Alternatively some women, with reputable breast implants still want a change. Sometimes women just want to remove them, whereas some want to go larger, or change the style/shape of implant they have. It is advised you get your implants replaced every ten years, due to the loss of fullness you will get over time.
Some patients have capsular contracture where surgery needs to release the capsule or remove them as the implants can be constricted within and they lose shape and go very firm.
Much like your original surgery, you will have a consultation and a sizing appointment where you can decide the size and make of implants you want to replace your current ones.
The surgery itself lasts around 2 hours, is performed under general anaesthetic and will require an overnight hospital stay.
Post surgery you will be able to perform light duties, but it is advised to refrain from any strenuous activity for around 4-6 weeks following your implant removal and replacement procedure. You will usually be fit to return to work after around 2 weeks after your operation, but of course this is circumstantial depending on your job. You will be advised on recovery with information specific to you during your consultations and follow up aftercare appointments.