MACS Facelift surgery (Mini Rhytidectomy)

A MACS Facelift is a variation of a mini facelift. MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension, and the surgery improves the appearance of the mid and lower face. It is a short scar technique, avoiding large scars behind the ears. We find this is more popular amongst men, because of the smaller scars, as men tend to usually have shorter hair and can’t hide scars behind their ears as successfully as women. A MACS facelift produces a fresh and natural appearance, rather than a stretched look.
A MACS facelift takes around 3 hours to complete, performed under general anaesthetic and will require a two night hospital stay. Now the results of a MACS facelift will be less dramatic than a full facelift, but the recovery period is much shorter as the surgery is less invasive. During the first night after your procedure you will wear a firm bulky bandage and have small non-suction drainage tubes inserted behind your ears. The next day the bandages and drains will be removed. An elasticated “chin-up” bandage will need to be worn for one week, and for a further 5 weeks during the evenings.
It is advised you refrain from social activities for around two weeks following surgery, and some bruising and swelling may be present up to two months post surgery. You can have as many follow up consultations as you like to aid your knowledge in the recovery process.
Your skin will age in the same way as before, with your diet and lifestyle being an important factor, but a MACS facelift usually makes you look roughly ten years younger.