Mini Facelift Surgery (Mini Rhytidectomy)

A mini facelift can also be referred to as a mini rhytidectomy.
A Mini facelift is a procedure which creates a younger appearance in the face. It is performed by tightening of skin, repositioning of the skin and soft tissue structures of the face. The mini facelift uses advanced facial aesthetic surgery techniques which limit scarring and result in less invasive surgery. There is a quicker recovery time, and in most cases you don’t need a general anaesthetic. It also costs less than a full facelift, so it is becoming an increasingly popular option.
Despite all those advantages, there are disadvantages too. The results are considerably less dramatic than a full facelift or a face and neck lift. The ideal candidate for a mini facelift is someone who is middle aged, and has heavy and tired looking skin which has lost a lot of its natural elasticity. Despite being less dramatic than its full counterpart, the mini facelift is excellent for fixing specific signs of ageing, or as a precautionary measure to prevent the signs of ageing amongst younger candidates.
At Aurora Clinics, we offer the MACS mini facelift – one of the most popular types of mini facelift surgery.
MACS mini facelift — (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) is performed by our specialist surgeon Mr. Adrian Richards: a short-scar technique which reduces visible scarring, restores a youthful-looking jaw line, reduces jowls, and brings back the “apple” of the cheek that tends to sag with ageing.