Permalip – Lip Enhancement

Permalip is an implant for your lips. It creates a natural look, but plumps out your lips with the use of an implant. It is a permanent solution to Dermal Fillers, which is what a lot of starters go for when enhancing their lips. However Dermal Fillers only last for around 6 months, whereas a permalip implant is permanent.
Even though an implant is more invasive, the actual pain is quite small, and a lot of patients who have had both state that Fillers actually hurt more. There are three sizes of permalip implant, small, medium and large.
The actual procedure itself is relatively short and performed under local anaesthetic. The implant can be removed as easily as it is inserted should you be unhappy with the results. Some people want to move up an implant size once they are fully healed as the initial swelling and size of the lips post surgery are much bigger than in their fully healed state.
The permalip implants look very natural, and the scarring is incredibly small at each side of the mouth, on the wet/dry border of the lips. Scarring is literally invisible to the naked eye, unless you are looking for it, and with a natural subtle enhancement, people won’t know you’ve gone under the knife for cosmetic surgery.