Platelet-Rich Plasma FAQ – What other treatments can be used with PRP therapy?

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Basically in this video we are continuing with our Platelet-Rich Plasma FAQs, answering your questions that come in about it in video form.

Basically PRP can be performed alongside most other aesthetic treatments, although not on the same day. It works very well alongside things like chemical peels and microdermabrasions. It also works very well with sculptra, which rebuilds lost volume in the face, the rejuvenation the platelet-rich plasma gives you will work very nicely alongside sculptra.

Another treatment you can have it with is Dermaroller, and this is actually something that can be done on the same day. The dermaroller uses micro-needling to make shallow pricks in your skin, which helps with the production of collagen. In conjuncture with this, the platelet-rich plasma would benefit from a derma roller afterwards, helping it to work quicker, and give you better results.

During this series of videos, our Clinical Manager, Mel Recchia will be answering questions on PRP therapy.

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