Skin Lesion, Cyst and Mole Removal

Skin Lesion, Cyst and Mole Removal isis relatively simple procedure, and one that can make a huge difference in someones self confidence.
Moles are harmless skin growths which everyone has. However some people have more than others, and they can be unsightly and leave people feeling very self-conscious. Moles can appear at any time throughout your life, and most people are happy to leave them alone, as they aren’t harmful or life threatening. However if you have a mole on your face, which is always on show, you will probably want to look into getting it removed.
A cyst a just a blocked skin duct which produces firm swellings underneath the skin. A cyst can enlarge slowly over time and also could become infected and require treatments with antibiotics although again they can be harmless.
The procedure is relatively simple. A healthy mole can be removed using shortwave diathermy or curettage. This only takes a few minutes and leaves a small pink scar which will naturally fade over time. A mole that is considered “suspicious” by our surgeons will be removed in actual surgery and sent away for testing. Results from this test should be available after around 7 days after your surgical procedure.