Stretched Earlobe Repair

Stretched earlobes is a growing fashion trend amongst the teen population, and it is spilling over quickly into the adult scene. A stretched earlobe can be seen as cool, or a fashion accessory, but like anything which is seen as a permanent change like a tattoo, it is something to seriously think about prior to doing so.
The holes in your ear will naturally shrink without anything inside, but after around 8mm – 12mm it will not close up completely. Everyones ears are different, but this is usually what we have seen. During the procedure you will be under local anaesthetic, pain free, but still with the ability to talk and listen to your surgeon. We find a lot of people like this so they know what is going on, and what each piece of apparatus does as your surgeon moves to that part of the surgery.
After the anaesthetic has been administered, the surgeon will cut away the loose bit of the ear and proceed to stitch it up to look like an untouched earlobe. The scars are small, and only noticeable when up close to someone, so when meeting people for the first time, it won’t create an immediate negative impression.
This surgery could be for you, for a number of reasons. You could be struggling to find regular work, you could be bored of it or you could just want people to stop staring in the street. We have had patients who have claimed these are the reasons for getting the surgery, and that they feel instantly more presentable and better after the surgery.
Other reasons could be that when stretching you have split the earlobe completely, and now you can’t get the “plug” in and it looks rather unsightly. We advise that after surgery for a correction of a stretched earlobe, that you don’t stretch again, and if you can avoid a piercing you should.