What do you do if you can’t afford PIP replacement?

This surgery information video is all about PIPs and what the health risks are in having them. PIPs can have many adverse effects, including an exterior rash, swelling from within the breast, tenderness and discomfort, or just generally feeling unwell, but these only happen some of the time. There have been plenty of patients with no adverse effects who have had ruptured PIPs, so it is dependant on the patient in our opinion.

We believe at Aurora that having PIP implants does carry an element of risk, and it is better to get them removed, even if you show no adverse effects as statistically there is a good chance there will be problems at some point down the road if they are left alone, which is why we urge women to get a scan and come to Aurora for a free consultation.

Many women still have PIP implants, some who aren’t even aware they have them, or are aware of the horrors that they can bring.

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