Permalip – Do lip enhancement implants need replacing over time?

In this episode of our lip enhancement FAQ series we discuss whether the implants need replacing over time. The reason this is questioned quite often is, dermal fillers need topping up annually, and it is reasonably common knowledge that breast implants should be replaced after 10-15 years. Technology has advanced to a far advanced level nowadays compared to years ago when implants were first around, so they are much more durable, and are in general a higher quality.
Also with breast implants, they are naturally heavier, and will cause the breast skin to sag, whereas the lip implants are lighter and won’t stretch the skin and sag. For these reasons we don’t feel it is necessary to have them replaced after a period of time, although in 10 years, technology will have moved on to another level, which will mean the implants created are even higher in quality, so it may be something you consider. But overall, they do not need to be replaced, although you may choose to have them replaced.