Permalip – What are my options if I’m unhappy with the results of my lip enhancement?

Mr Richards is bringing you another FAQ episode of our lip enhancement series, discussing the options you have if you are unhappy with the results of your surgery.
You might not be satisfied for multiple reasons, but one of the main ones we have found is the implant is either too big or too small. The implant can be removed as easily as it is inserted, so if you wanted a different size or just removed completely then it is reasonably simple. Because of this we always encourage our patients to try dermal fillers first, so they can see the size of their lips being a bit bigger. This will help you make a better decision ultimately when opting for the surgery, or not. It removes the need for a “re-do” meaning you won’t have that extra cost to concern yourself with, nor will you have the added recovery time for a second surgery. We also advise you go bigger gradually, as it is better to go up to a size, and then realise you want to go bigger, as opposed to going too big then realising you want to go smaller. Going too big too soon can stretch the lips and leave small wrinkles around your mouth when you go smaller or have the implants removed. All this will be told to you during your consultation, and the surgeons we have at Aurora will give you the best advice, based on the results you want to see.