Permalip – Will there be bruising after lip enhancement surgery?

Permalip implants are implants for your lips, which offers a permanent solution instead of fillers which need to be topped up annually on average.
Here, plastic surgeon Adrian Richards discusses the bruising post surgery. With lip enhancement, there will be some natural swelling, which will hide the true results of the augmentation in the beginning. As far as bruising is concerned, there shouldn’t be too much, but because of the high blood supply to the lips, there will be some substantial swelling. This should usually last about a week, and part of your post op care you get given advice on how to reduce the swelling, so your lips are in their completed settled state in the shortest amount of time possible. It is important to remember that the finished appearance of your lips will not be visible until at least a week post surgery, and how they appear immediately after the operation will be larger than their final appearance.