How can I ensure that my scar will be as hidden as possible after a Tummy Tuck operation?

You need to discuss carefully the type of underwear, swimwear and jeans you tend to wear normally with your surgeon prior to your operation.

Your surgeon should take this into account when designing your incision. We often ask patients to bring in items of clothing such as swimwear they would like to wear. We then draw around the outline of the underwear and try to ensure that the scar from the  tummy tuck lies within this outline.

This is sometimes difficult to guarantee. We recently had a lady from Brazil who brought a string of bikinis with her and asked us to make sure that the scar was exactly underneath the skin of the string of her bikini.

We had to explain to her that we would make every effort to get the scar as near as possible to the exact line in which her bikini string lay but did explain that we could not guarantee it would be absolutely millimetre perfect on both sides.

However, in most cases by discussing your needs with your surgeon you will be able to have your scar concealed within the type of clothing you tend to wear, making it invisible and not detectable when you are on the beach or wearing low-cut clothing.

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