How have Tummy Tuck scars changed over time?

Tummy tuck scars in the lower part of the abdomen have changed considerably over the years as underwear fashion has altered.

Generally, the area in the centre has remained similar and the incision will be below a natural skin crease or a scar such as from a Caesarian or Hysterectomy.

The scar will be removed with the excess tissue in the lower part of the abdomen leaving a straight scar in this region. The main difference has been in the height of the scar as it passes outwards towards your hips.

In the 80s, underwear fashions were higher cut and a technique called the high lateral tension tummy tuck was very popular. In this operation the outer scars tended to move up and outwards above the hip bones.

This scar was covered in the high underwear style popular in the 80s but since then lower cut underwear and jeans and their swimwear have made this technique less popular. The reason for this is that the outer scar be visible above low cut clothes.

Surgeons more recently have tended to favour a much lower scar towards the hips. This can be designed to suit the type of clothing you wear as will be discussed in a future blog post.

This has the advantage that the scar remains hidden in clothing and will not be detectable when you’re wearing low-cut jeans or underwear or swimwear.

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